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A History Of Stay fine Genetics

Sire's 1st - 5th Fleece Statistics

1st Fleece 2004: Unknown - Not tested by breeder

2nd Fleece 2005: 16.0 Micron, 3.7SD, 23.2 CV, 99.8%CF

3rd Fleece 2006: 17.5 Micron, 3.6SD, 20.4CV, 100%CF

3 point grid test

4th Fleece 2007: 19.9 Micron, 4.1SD, 20.5CV, 97.8%CF

5th Fleece 2008: 20.2 Micron, 4.0SD, 20.1CV, 98%CF

5 point grid test

Oak Grove Taj

Colour: Solid White

DOB: 10/03/12

IAR: 193142

Sire - Yuralee Nemisis(SW) - Conquistador/Romeo Genetics

Dam - Oakgrove Shalimar (SLF) - Tulaco/Plutarch Genetics


Taj is a young male from the blue ribbon genetics of Nemisis & Shalimar, a female that has exhibited excellent stay fine genetics & produced stud quality progeny.

(See sire & dam fleece stats at right)

Both parents are also descended from known stay fine alpaca genetics, so Taj has a wealth of stay fine genetics behind him. He is what we term a 'Vicuna Type' alpaca in that he exhibits the higher frequency, lower amplitude style of crimp & fine bone structure which are hallmarks of the Vicuna - one of the finest natural fibre producing animals in the world.

Taj has a beautiful creamy, bright, well nourished ultrafine fleece & when viewed externally on the animal it has what we call the 'clumpy' look, which our best stay fine alpacas often exhibit. He has a good body score of 3.0 to 3.5 so is not fine due to lack of nutrition. In fact Taj produces this fleece in dairy country known for richer pasture whilst also consuming a daily supplement of 16% protein pellets & muesli mix. This is genuine ultrafine genetics!

We think Taj shows all the hallmarks of ultra stay fine alpacas in both fleece & physical characteristics & so far he is proving us to be correct!

Taj will be sold with a certification & fertility guarantee.

We intend certifying him early 2015 now his 3rd fleece statistics have proven he is an exceptional animal able to maintain an ultrafine fleece for a 3rd year in a row.

Fleece Statistics

1st Fleece 2012 at 7.5 months of age: 16.3 Micron, 3.3 SD, 20.1CV, 100%CF

 Fleece length 95mm for 7 months growth

2nd Fleece 2013 at 20 months of age:  13.4 Micron, 2.7SD, 20.4CV, 100%CF

 Fleece length 105mm for 12.5 months growth.

(7 Point Grid Test Average: 13.8 Micron, 2.7SD, 20.5CV, 100%CF)

3rd Fleece 2014 at 32 months of age:  14.6 Micron, 3.3SD, 22.7CV, 100%CF

 Fleece length 80mm for 12 months growth


2nd Fleece

3rd Fleece

Dam's 1st - 5th Fleece Statistics

1st Fleece 2008 - 14.8 Micron, 2.7SD, 18.2CV, 100% CF

2nd Fleece 2009 - 16.2 Micron, 2.8SD, 17.2CV, 100% CF

3rd Fleece 2010 - 19.7 Micron, 3.8SD, 19.5CV, 98.7%CF

4th Fleece 2011 - 19.2 Micron, 4.0SD, 20.8CV, 98.7%CF

5th Fleece 2012 - 21.6 micron, 4.6SD, 21.1CV, 95.9%CF


Click image to view histograms

Taj after shearing 2013 - showing correct conformation

Taj Fully Fleeced October  2015

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