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Since we are a small specialist stud we offer a small number of fine females for sale at anytime on our website, but have more available on request, including some ultrafine alpacas additional to any already offered below.

Please contact us for details & pricing for other proven ultrafine alpacas for sale, as well as a variety of females suitable for lower cost starter packages.

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Low Cost Females

Now & again we have for sale some lower cost for quality alpacas because they do not suit our breeding goals, are older, or because they have some minor issues.

We believe these girls are still viable breeders but fully disclose to you why they are cheaper, so you can make purchase decisions based on full knowledge of each alpaca you buy.

Oak Grove Shalimar

Colour: Solid Light Fawn

DOB: 8/1/08

IAR: 106458

SIRE: Belgrave Park Giovanni (SW)

G'SIRE: Shanbrooke Accoyo Tulaco (SW)

DAM: Eaglesrealm Almost Christmas (SW)

G'SIRE: Forestglen Plutarch (SW)


Shalimar has been one of our most successful dams for producing high quality progeny - having had 2 of her sons be of a high enough quality to become stud males, both with ultrafine fleeces - best of those being 14.6 mic 3rd fleece!

She carries the bloodlines of several well respected stud sires and has maintained a fine micron stylish fleece for many years and also grows a good fleece length. Her early fleeces had exceptional style & she still exhibits a dense fleece with soft crimp definition.

Shalimar is pregnant to the excellent stay fine male Eldendale Patric which with their combined first class genetics should produce a quality cria.

Shalimar is an excellent mother & has an easy going temperament.

Pregnancy Details

Pregnant to Elsendale Patric - due 31 March 2017

Fleece Statistics

1st Fleece 2008 - 14.8 Micron, 2.7SD, 18.2CV, 100% CF, Length 105mm

2nd Fleece 2009 - 16.2 Micron, 2.8SD, 17.2CV, 100% CF, Length 90mm

3rd Fleece 2010 - 19.7 Micron, 3.8SD, 19.5CV, 98.7%CF, Length 115mm

4th Fleece 2011 - 19.2 Micron, 4.0SD, 20.8CV, 98.7%CF, Length 100mm

5th Fleece 2012 - 21.6 micron, 4.6SD, 21.1CV, 95.9%CF, Length 80mm

6th Fleece 2013 - 23.0 micron, 4.8SD, 21.0CV, 93.5%CF, Length 105mm

7th Fleece 2014 - 24.2 micron, 4.9SD, 20.2CV, 90.0%CF, Length 95mm

8th Fleece 2015 - 24.0 micron, 4.8SD, 19.9CV, 91.0%CF, Length 90mm


Oak Grove Scarlet

Colour: Solid White

DOB: 1/6/13

IAR: 193144

SIRE: Yuralee Nemisis (SW)

G'SIRE: Jolimont Manfredo (SW)

DAM: Chiriqui Ruby (SW)

G'SIRE: Elysion Casablanca (SW)


Scarlet is one of the finest females for age in Australia. She is a well grown typey maiden female with an amazingly soft handling ultrafine fleece with soft crimp style. Her fleece is well nourished which is no suprise considering Scarlet is well fed here in dairy country & her body score is 3.5+!

Scarlet has ultrafine genetics from both her sire & dam (21.6 mic on 6th fleece) who have both been blue ribbon winners for their fleeces. You will be hard pressed to find stats like this on a 1st fleece let alone a 2nd! She is a ALSO half sister to Oak Grove Taj who also exhibits exceptional fleece statistics with his 3rd fleece 14.6mic!

Pregnancy Details

Maiden female currently being mated to Elsendale Patric in May 2016.

Fleece Statistics

1st Fleece Oct 2013: 17.2 Micron, 4.0SD, 23.3CV, 100%CF - 5 months old

2nd Fleece Oct 2014: 14.9 Micron, 3.3SD, 22.1CV, 100%CF Fleece Length 115mm

3rd Fleece Oct 2015: 16.7 Micron, 3.6SD, 21.3CV, 100% CF Fleece Length 115mm


Gidleigh Lane Madilyn

Colour: Dark Fawn

DOB: 11/5/09

IAR: 145528

SIRE: Gidleigh Lane Maximus (SW)

G'SIRE: Purrumbete Brigantine (SW)

DAM: Gidleigh Lane Aurora (DF)

G'SIRE: Benleigh Bellarine (SLF)


Madilyn is an easy to handle female and excellent mother.

She has a dense fleece with low guard hair & still exhibits a defined crimp structure.

She has a few darker fawn spots on her but has produced a lovely stylish solid brown female cria (pictured below).

Pregnancy Details

Mated to Elsendale Patric & spitting off - due April 2018

Fleece Statistics

1st fleece 2009: 19.6 micron, 5.3SD

2nd fleece 2010: 20.8 micron, 4.2SD

3rd fleece 2011: 22.8 micron, 4.8SD

4th fleece 2012: no test

5th fleece 2013: 24.9 micron, 4.9SD

6th fleece 2014: 26.1 micron, 4.9SD

7th fleece 2015: 27 micron, 5.5SD

8th fleece 2016: 26.3 micron, 4.9SD

9th fleece 2017: 25.8 micron, 5.7SD


Oak Grove Peach Blossom

Colour: Medium Fawn

DOB: 11/12/10

IAR: 175228


Blossom is great mother & a generally nice female.

Several years ago she caught her neck somehow creating a twist in it like a soft ‘S’. This seems to have no effect on her in any way & the vet advised us to leave it be.

She also has spots in her genetics & has produced in Dec 2014 a stunning 16.4 micron crimpy fleeced, beautifully conformed female cria in medium fawn which has several brown spots. So these genetics may be of interest to those wishing to breeding appaloosas.

Pregnancy Details

Currently Empty


Fleece Statistics

1st Fleece 2011 - 16.0 micron, 3.3SD, 20.7CV, 100%CF

2nd Fleece 2012 - 18.5 micron, 4.0SD, 21.5CV, 99.6%CF

3rd Fleece 2013 - 20.2 micron, 4.5SD, 22.2CV, 97.5%CF

4th Fleece 2014 - 24.1 micron, 5.1SD, 21.2CV, 88.6%CF

5th Fleece 2015 - 23.4 micron, 5.1SD, 21.6CV, 90.4%CF

6th Fleece 2016 - 23.8 micron, 5.1SD, 21.5CV, 89.0%CF

Terms Of Sale

Oak Grove Valencia

Colour: Solid White

DOB: 16/5/11

IAR: 175229

SIRE: Yuralee Nemisis (SW)

G'SIRE: Jolimont Manfredo (SW)

DAM: Currabungla Belecia (SW)

G'SIRE: Purrumbete Brigantine (SW)


Valencia’s 5th fleece 2015

Fleece Statistics

1st Fleece 2011 - 18.5 micron, 4.0SD, 21.7CV, 99.6%CF

2nd Fleece 2012 - 20.3 micron, 3.7SD, 18.1CV, 99.1%CF

3rd Fleece 2013 - 21.1 micron, 4.2SD, 20.1CV, 97.8%CF

4th Fleece 2014 - 19.9 micron, 4.7SD, 23.9CV, 97.2%CF

5th Fleece 2015 - 22.8 micron, 5.1SD, 22.6CV, 92%CF

6th Fleece 2016 - 24.3 micron, 5.2SD, 21.5CV, 86.3%CF


Valencia comes from excellent genetics including Brigantine sired by Highlander & Manfredo sired by Conquistador. Her mother a multi ribbon winning female was selected by a discerning buyer & exported to Europe.

Valencia is a well conformed typey female who is quite friendly in the paddocks & wants to give you a touch on the nose & will eat from your hand. However for husbandry tasks she is a physically strong female & better suited to confident alpaca breeders.

She still exhibits a medium amplitude crimpy fleece as she ages.

She has proven to be a very good mother & has become pregnant again with 1 mating.

Cria at foot - Valencia has a beautiful solid white female cria at foot DOB 1/4/17 - sired by Elsendale Patric. The cria is exhibiting a stylish fleece & is a well put together, attractive female. She is only for sale because she is related to both our white stud males.

Pregnancy Details

Valencia is mated to Elsendale Patric - due March 2018

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Oak Grove Andalucia

Colour: Solid White

DOB: 1/4/17

IAR: awaiting registration

SIRE: Elsendale Patric (SW)

G'SIRE: Banksia Park Pennant ET (SW)

DAM: Oak Grove Valencia (SW)

G'SIRE: Yuralee Nemisis (SW)


Fleece Statistics

1st Fleece Oct 2017: 17.4 Micron, 3.9SD, 22.6CV, 100%CF - 7 months old


Andalucia is a very sweet natured smaller female just ready to be weaned. She has a well defined broader style crimp like her dam. She is sired by our stay fine stud male Elsendale Patric & her grand dam was of a very high quality & exported to Europe, so she carries a wealth of fine quality genetics.

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